Store Policies

Store Policies

When contacting me for support, please send Notecards to (Ayanna Breen) only! IM’s may get lost or if I’m offline, I may not get it.

All items are no refund, with the exception of accidental double purchases.  To resolve accidental purchases, please send a notecard to Ayanna Breen with transaction details. 

If a product fails to deliver to you, please send me (Ayanna Breen) a notecard with the transaction details.  Sometimes it may be an issue with the vendor.

If you encounter an issue with a product (missing scripts, wrong textures, etc), please let me know and I’ll fix it ASAP!

If you accidentally click “Delete” or “Ignore” on a product delivery box, you can initiate a re-delivery by clicking on the Re-Delivery Terminal at the front desk.

Redeliveries can be made in-world at the LIVIA mainstore.  Click on the Product Redelivery terminal/sign at the front desk to initiate a delivery of a previously purchased product.

Additionally, if you purchased a product on the Marketplace, you can view your Order History page and search for the product to initiate a redelivery.