At LIVIA you’ll find two types of nail products; bento mesh nails & nail appliers.

Bento Mesh Nails

Bento mesh nails are rigged mesh add-ons for your bento hands. Mesh nail sets come with their own HUD, plus other features to customize your manicure. LIVIA carries two lines of mesh nails; Mix-It bento nails & Standalone mesh nail sets.

Our line of “Mix-It” Bento Nails are compatible with Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, Tuty, Tonic, & eBody mesh hands and come in Ballerina & Pointed nail shapes!  LIVIA’s Mix-It Polish HUD’s are used to customize them. 

  • Select ALL NAILS, or click the INDIVIDUAL nail you wish to polish on the HUD.
  • Switch between MEDIUM & LONG nail lengths, via polish HUD.
  • Turn Materials on/off, via polish HUD.
  • Works with Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, Tuty, Tonic, & eBody BENTO hands.
Getting started is easy!
  1. First, purchase the nail shape you want (Ballerina, Pointed, or Both). The base nails also include 6 basic polishes to get you started.
  2. Next, purchase Polish HUD’s for your nail shape(s) and start customizing!
    TIP: Ballerina polish HUD’s work with Ballerina nail shapes & Pointed polish HUD’s work with Pointed nail shapes.
How to Buy the Nails

These sets aren’t compatible with the “Mix-It” line, but feature their own set of unique nail polish textures, plus many different jewels and decorations!  They are compatible with popular mesh hand brands, but not all, so please read the advert information closely!

Nail Appliers

Nail appliers apply directly to the fingernails & toenails that come with your mesh body product (ex. Maitreya, Slink hands/feet, Vista bento hands, etc.). Our nail appliers feature a sleek, easy to use All-In-One HUD design, with appliers compatible with brands like Slink, Maitreya, Vista, Tuty, & Omega. Not all nail applier brands are included with all sets, so read all ad info and pay close attention to the displayed product logos. Nail appliers are not compatible with LIVIA's Mix-It Polishes.