LIVIA offers high-quality makeup appliers for popular mesh head brands in Second Life.

Applier brands commonly found at LIVIA include Genus Project, Catwa, Lelutka, Omega, AK Deluxe, and LAQ.  Many releases also includes system (Bakes On Mesh) layers for Default SL heads & mesh heads using the BOM feature.

When purchasing makeup appliers, read all advert information carefully to ensure compatibility with your head.

Try a demo!

Fit may vary depending on the skin and mesh head you’re wearing, always try the free demos available before purchasing cosmetic appliers!

Genus Appliers are compatible with any Genus Project mesh heads.

Catwa Appliers are compatible with any Catwa mesh heads.


Lelutka Appliers are compatible with Lelutka mesh heads.  Some Lelutka layers aren’t available on older Lelutka heads (non-bento).

Omega Appliers are compatible with Omega enabled mesh heads.  Visit Omega Solutions – Supported Meshes to check if your mesh head is Omega enabled.  Some mesh heads require an install kit or Omega relay to enable Omega.

System Layers (Bakes On Mesh)

System Layers or Tattoo Layers are for use with the Default SL classic heads.  You can also use these layers on your mesh head using the Bakes On Mesh feature.

AK Deluxe Appliers are compatible with AK Deluxe mesh heads.  They’re not compatible with the older (non-bento) line of AK mesh heads.

LAQ Appliers are compatible with LAQ mesh heads.